Who We Are ?

Make the Rest of Your Life, the Best of Your Life

We THIKANA SHIMLA HOUSING FOR THE ELDERLY are a Srerampore (Hooghly) based not-for-profit organization dealing with elderly care and welfare of the elderly people. We have a vast experience in this field.
Our primary work is to hold various events/initiatives with and for the elderly. We have over eight years of experience in senior citizens’ care and living. 
Notably, our organization is a member with the All India Senior Citizens Confederation (AISSOCN), and we are also associated with Help Age India NGO (Elderly persons holding Advantage Card of 'Help Age India' get financial benefits if they want to have 'Short Stay' at our accommodations/housing societies). 

 Some of the key events/services we provide or facilitate are: 

  •   Senior Citizens’ Picnic
  •   Senior Citizens’ Community Tour
  •  Senior Citizens’ Matchmaking
  •  Senior Citizens’ Beauty Contest
  •  Wish Fulfillment Program
  •  Seminar, Workshop etc. for the elderly


About Our Work (Current)
Thikana Shimla is our most recent, ongoing flagship project -- it is a SENIOR CITIZEN HOUSING COMPLEX (on no-profit-no-loss basis).
On 22nd December 2017, we first came up with this unique idea and expressed our desire to build a housing complex dedicated to the elderly on Facebook. Since then, we have come a long way. The sites have been finalized. Many people have come forward and appreciated our initiative. Many have already pre-registered for having a flat at Thikana Shimla.
Under the Thikana Shimla project, all of the residential flats will be identical, measuring carpet area of approximately 330 sq. ft each. It will be a studio apartment consisting of one bed room, one drawing room, one kitchenette, one toilet, one small toilet containing only a WC (optional), one balcony. You may also make the flat one big room by removing the partition.
The building will be elderly person compatible.  The site is selected at CHARSARATI, GANGAMANOHARPUR, PS: CHAKDAHA, DIST: NADIA at the bank of river Ganges (everybody will be view River Ganges from the balcony).
Once built entirely, Thikana Shimla will be an unqiue, first-of-its-kind housing complex built by, of and for senior citizens.

Our Future Work
Our motto and duty are to serve the elderly in every way possible.
We have many different types of welfare activities planned for the senior citizens. We are also in the process of building a dedicated Networking Support Group – a group of people who can assist senior citizens in daily life activities such as taking to the hospital or bank, household work, and so on.
Some of our dream (upcoming) projects are: Building a SENIOR CITIZENS’ VILLAGE and a GERIATRIC HOSPITAL.