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We Make a Difference in the Lives of the Elderly 

Thikana Shimla Housing is a holistic initiative to take care of elderly people. It is one-of-its-kind, residential senior citizen’s club/housing.
We sincerely believe that the aged/elderly persons are the pillars of our society, and that they deserve great care and attention in the concluding phase of their lives.
With that in mind, we have come up a unique idea of creating a housing complex by, of and for the Senior Citizens. The project is planned on a no-profit-no-loss basis; and in a way so that the aged people living here can enjoy optimum care, fulfillment, comfort and convenience. The housing complex will have a wide range of amenities such as park, gym, physiotherapy tools, meditation room, dining room, restaurant, guest rooms, general shop (where one can get daily requirements including grocery and other items), medicine shop, mini-ICU, library, auditorium, dedicated river Ghat, and so on.  All this and much more under the homely, safe umbrella of Thikana Shimla.
(Any person above 50 years can enroll his/her name; however only after crossing 55 yrs. he/ she will be eligible to get flat. Flats will be allotted on a lease basis, which will be registered under Registrar of Assurance. The lease will be ceased after the death of all residents and the nominee will get the money back thereafter. At any time whatsoever anybody can decide to leave the project without showing any cause, and his/ her money will be returned at the rate prescribed at that time of registration.)

Please note:
 1. No inheritance will be allowed in Thikana Shima flats.
 2. Non-residential membership and short-term stay facilities are also available for Thikana Shimla project. Please contact us for more details.  

Age is just a number
Old-age should not mean pain and misery. The elderly have the right to live happily and with dignity.

We are committed to serve the elderly. Hence, at Thikana Shimla, we welcome sick people who need assistance. Even 100% bed-ridden, mentally unwell, dementia, paralytic, or COPD-affected elders are allowed to come and live. The mentally and physically disabled person of any age can stay here permanently. Short stay facility is also available.
We will take full responsibility with the treatment and care. Rest assured, we will leave no stone unturned to make sure that these senior citizens get the love and care they deserve and need.
To get further details including cost and photographs of the project, please contact through WhatsApp (9330843394) or e-mail us (thikana_shimla@yahoo.co.in).

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